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Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1921 as Judith Peto, Judith would go on to be the first woman to join the handbag makers guild in Budapest. Putting handbags aside for a moment, we must recognize how truly unbelievable and inspirational it is to know this incredible woman escaped the Holocaust of World War II. It was after the war that Judith began making handbags from home and then at a friend’s small factory. Once she met Gerson Leiber, an American soldier, they married shortly after and she immigrated to the United States in 1948 where she continued to be an inspiration to many and truly made a mark for herself in the fashion industry.

Leading up to her success as a world-renowned designer of haute couture handbags, Judith Leiber worked for other handbag companies, than founded her own business in 1963. Her handbags were strictly sold at exclusive boutiques around the world, making them that much more exquisite and rare. Costing several thousands of dollars, Leiber’s handbags became a status symbol for many women. First Lady’s have adorned themselves in Leiber’s luxury bags for U.S Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies dating back to 1953.

Currently, Judith Leiber as a company holds a name for being synonymous with elegance, style, sophistication, and even some sass in our book. Reason being, her bags are just incomparable to anything else we’ve ever seen and we know exactly why. One word: Detail – followed by flawless composition. But what is it that really distinguishes Leibers bags from the rest? Well, for more than fifty years, her evening bags and crystal minaudières have been turning the heads of the elite, not just in wearing but as art. Minaudières from her collection are part of the permanent design archives of premier museums across the globe.
Judith Leiber is currently under the creative direction of the amazing talent of CFDA member, Jana Matheson, an industry award winner. Ms Matheson is charged with providing a new vision for the Judith Leiber Brand while retaining it’s traditionally whimsical designs.

Judith Leiber, we thank you for being an iconic couture brand that stays true to its name and full of rich history. We absolutely love being huge supporters of your resurgence today.

Photo credit: Julio Gaggia