#NYFW SS 2016 Erin Fetherston

September 13th, 2015|

Luxe Axcess had a crazy (wonderful) busy past few days and we are excited to take a breather and start bringing you some of our favorite looks from the NYFW SS 2016 Collections! One of our favorites from official Day 1 was Erin Fetherston.
The show was fun from the first note of  Motown sound and while the inspiration was obviously romance, with the designer referencing Anne of Green Gables and “Arcadian reverie”, we had major flashbacks to the 60’s.  Beautiful flowing dresses and blouses and flowers and wavy hair were everywhere and yet everything was simple and elegantly constructed.  Further flashbacks resulted from the addition of several great structured denim and khaki pieces which were new to Fetherston’s vibe.
An adorable capsule collection of round minaudieres designed to resemble needlepoint hoops was stitched with faces, cutesy phrases, and the word Love (we thought they looked like perfect little fashion tambourines!).
We left Erin Fetherston happily transported to a time of romance and dancing in bare feet but it wasn’t the time of Anna of Avonlea.
Where would you wear these pieces? We’d love to help put you in Erin Fetherston! Please contact us for shopping details!
See the entire Erin Fetherston SS 2016 Collection here and be sure to check out our NYFW SS 2016 Pinterest board!
-Linda Rae for Luxe News


July 20th, 2015|

American men’s fashion had a triumphant week last week in the form of the inaugural New York Fashion Week: Mens.  Close to 60 designers participated with runway shows and presentations; energy and excitement filled the primary venue, Skylight at Clarkson Square.
Mostly male celebs, sports figures and fashion editors took over the front rows. Thanks largely to these dapper dressers and social media, a sartorial shift is occurring in America, and NYC, the fashion capital of the world, is on board and along for the ride.
It may well be a board ride too as so much of the design harkens West to California themes of Palm Springs and retro rock and roll and surfer dudes. Here (in no particular order) is a sampling of a few favorite looks.  Check out our Pinterest board #NYFWM ss2016 for more.
Rochambeau ss2016


July 12th, 2015|

Our favorites from the European Men's Fashion Shows Spring Summer 2016 Collections, announcing Luxe Blog: Men coming soon, first New York Men's Fashion Week


July 11th, 2015|

In this installment of our musings on Couture Fall 2105, we want to show you some final haute couture from Paris.
We will bring you a few favorites from designers who don’t have the haute couture designation but who also presented collections in Paris during Couture week soon in a future Luxe News.

PHOTOS BY YANNIS VLAMOS / Indigitalimages.com
A reviewer of this show for Vogue called Gaultier the “Parisian king of  kitsch, a lover of fashion theater” and this season his theatrical focus was on the northern reaches of his homeland, the Brittany coast of France and all things Gallic.  Apron skirts of the traditional Brittany costume were recreated in generous portions, Mr. Gaultier’s iconic stripes were everywhere and nautical references abounded. WE wish we could set our sights on amazing ready-to-wear pieces appearing on the horizon but alas… no more pret-a-porter from Mr. Gaultier.

PHOTOS BY YANNIS VLAMOS / Indigitalimages.com
John Galliano’s stated muse for this season was Madame le Pigeon. Inspired by 40’s street photos of fashionably dressed and made-up women who seem unconscious of any element of glamour, he penned a poem which he presented about a fading beauty whose waning memories flitted back to more glorious days. His absentminded muse might be feeding the local pigeons and stand up to find the impression of fresh wet blue paint on her coat or she might be found in a dress produced from repurposed material, a seed sack for instance though a beautifully embroidered seed sack, or perhaps she had refashioned an old lover’s pants into a top as below…  (We don’t know about you but we would rock that patchwork skirt for a lifetime or at least until all our memories faded).


PHOTOS BY YANNIS VLAMOS / Indigitalimages.com
Karl Lagerfeld is one busy man. He presented his [...]