Bigger Wardrobe Assesment

Customized Shopping Experience

You may choose to explore a unique shopping expedition with Luxe Axcess.  A combination of hands-on personal shopping and
concierge services, this program was designed to make the destination-shopping experience feel effortless and luxurious
start-to-finish, fun for individuals and groups alike.  We will personally serve as your shopping ambassador by guiding you through
the process and simplifying your experience into a seamless styling adventure.  We also partner with the leading hotels to
ensure our visiting out-of-town clients may enjoy these services as well.  Choose from one of our already successful shopping
expedition options below, or allow us to design a new one for your or your group’s specific needs:

  1. New York Shopping Expeditions (Uptown and Downtown)
  2. NYC Expedition of our Personal Favorite Hidden Stores and Jewel Boxes
  3. Made in NYC Expedition (Luxury Fashion made in NYC )
  4. European Shopping Expeditions (Paris and Milan)
  5. Half Day or Full Day Expedition
  6. Luxury Expedition
  7. Jewelry Expedition
  8. Handbag Expedition
  9. Fur Expedition
  10. Create Your Own Expedition