Bigger Wardrobe Assesment

Made to Measure

Luxe Axcess works with the highest esteemed made-to-measure programs in the fashion world for both menswear and
womenswear, including Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Loro Piana, Agnolini, Brioni, as well as many others. With the highest
craftsmanship at our fingertips, we will assist you throughout this treasured fashion ritual by choosing fabrics and designs from
the world’s most exclusive collections, while also offering any additional customizable details. Our services also include fine
craftsman shoe and handbag -making options. Each garment will be personally tailored to you, resulting in a refined look of
polished sophistication and elegance. We will organize fittings according to your convenience. Private appointments can be held
in either a design showroom or in your private home or office.