Bigger Wardrobe Assessment

Personal Shopping

Our personal shopping and studio services allow you to be as involved in the shopping process as you would like or have time for.
Based completely on your preferences and schedule, our Luxe Axcess Stylist may accompany you to fashion destinations to
assist selecting pieces that will serve your needs, from ready-to-wear for social or professional attire, as well as that very special
occasion.  If your time is limited or you prefer a more private atmosphere, let A Luxe Axcess Stylist do the legwork for you by
selecting looks and pieces that best enhance your personal style and then bring them to you to review and try on in the privacy
of your own home or one of our select studios.  Our Personal Shopping and Luxury Styling Studio Services are not only
limited to apparel styling and accessorizing, as we also offer assistance with the following:

  • Custom Fine Jewelry
  • Acquisition and Exchange of the most rare and internationally sought after handbags and accessories
  • Fur Design and Styling
  • Corporate and Personal Gift Purchasing
  • Wedding Registries