Bigger Wardrobe Assesment

Private Luxury Goods Archives and Preservation

We not only help our client’s acquire a wardrobe to treasure, but we also assist in protecting and preserving it. We take great
pride in understanding the value of caring for your most cherished possessions. Whether it be archiving your everyday closet
seasonally, to creating a personalized stylebook, to assisting in the preservation of precious and delicate items, to storage of your
most prized pieces in a five-star off-site facility – we will help guide you through this process. For items you feel you no longer
need and wish to delete from your wardrobe, we will make arrangements on your behalf according to your preferences; this
includes our organizing any donations to your chosen charities or setting up items for resale, as well as assisting and facilitating
in the bestowal of any museum quality pieces to an institution for exhibition and historical preservation. Our team will handle each
necessary provision with the utmost care, discretion, and attention to detail.