We are thrilled to formally introduce our company Luxe Axcess to our long list of clients and industry friends that we have had the pleasure to work with over the years, some of which have become some of our dearest personal friends as well. Our love of fashion is what drives us.  It has always been what has defined us and has allowed us to expand upon on our individual and overlapping creativity over the years.  We have been blessed to work with such incredibly talented mentors in our early careers, and dedicate this first entry to all of those that have been a part of our history thus far.  We love what we do, we are the best at what we do, and we love our clients and colleagues.  The company name Luxe Axcess was created to quickly summarize the services we provide – access to a new world of luxury for our clients and stylists.  We have a very exciting year planned ahead of us and the Luxe Axcess team, so hold onto your Hermes and enjoy the journey with us.